Sunday, September 20, 2020

When you hear about ancient herbal remedies, you’re probably most familiar with common practices of Chinese culture or Ayurvedic practices of India. However, there are other ancient cultures that used their own brand of ancient herbal medicine such as Egyptian, Native American, Aztec and Greek. To be certain, most of them have been time tested over hundreds and even thousands of years. Much of the knowledge of a vast variety of herbs and their individual properties is used not only in alternative medicinal practices, but in western medical practices as well.

The Role of the Media

Although thousands of people have used the various herbal remedies for decades in this country, there are thousands more that get introduced via the media. With TV shows from physicians like Dr. Oz and The Doctors, herbal remedies can remain in the forefront along with western medicine for a long time to come. With increases in various diseases like cancer and the lack of cures, many patients want to find options to address their health concerns. The increasing costs of drugs and other health expenses is always a major concern to those who have serious chronic or even some acute medical challenges. The knowledge gained from the aforementioned TV shows as well as the sharing of information on social media, has helped many consumers find a better and even more economic way to manage their health.

More Mainstream Access

Combining western medicine as well as herbal practices like ancient Chinese herbal remedies, is becoming increasingly more mainstream. In the 21st century, you may not have to hop a plane to go to some other state to find holistic or alternative medicine center. There are some areas in the country where herbal medicine and some form of western medicine are practiced in the same facility.

Let’s not forget that ancient herbal medicine has been of great value to people who have common ailments such as colds and flu, headaches, stomach aches, coughs and some skin ailments. You can find many herbal supplements in grocery stores and major retail stores. Consumers know to reach for herbs like:

  • Goldenseal
  • Echinacea
  • Olive Leaf
  • Ginseng

The public is becoming more and more educated about herbal remedies and taking more responsibility for some of their health issues.

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