Friday, September 18, 2020

Modern medicine has come a long way since ancient times when little was known about diseases. Still, doctors from long ago used their rudimentary knowledge of the body to find plants that helped create harmony and balance within patients. These ancient herbal remedies have been used in many places across the world, including China. Ancient Chinese herbal remedies and other plant medicine have recently become more sought after as many individuals seek a more natural approach to their health that limits the use of pharmaceuticals.

Healing Plants

Before cough syrup, there was a small plant that blooms in the spring called “coltsfoot”. Resembling a dandelion, its leaves provided relief from sore throats and dry coughs. Honey was applied to wounds because its antibacterial properties aid in preventing infection. Raspberry leaves and acacia were dried and saved for times of diarrhea. The ancient Chinese used Dong Quai for pain and motherwort for thyroid dysfunction. What is interesting to many people is that ancient medical practitioners had no research or ways to test the plants to know their properties, but they were actually correct in choosing many plants that helped heal themselves and others. Other ancient remedies included:

  • Astragalus to slow down aging and heal cancer and HIV
  • Ginsing to increase blood circulation
  • Cinnamon for balancing blood sugar

Old Remedies for Modern Times

Today, many of the ancient remedies have become rediscovered. Patients are beginning to look in to all forms of natural medicine that will heal their minds and bodies. Depression and anxiety affect millions of people each year. New research has been done suggesting the ancient use of a plant called St. John’s Wort for depression was actually correct. The plant’s properties work as well as prescription medicine but without harmful side effects. Other herbal remedies such as Passionflower and Lemon Balm are used for calming the nervous system, reducing high blood pressure, and comforting the heart. Those suffering insomnia are taking Valerian instead of over the counter sleeping pills that can become additive. Cat’s Claw has been rediscovered for its ability to aid in supporting the immune system in people who are struggling to fight off chronic infections. Many of these old remedies are just as effective than modern medicine, but it is important that before anyone tries any of them, they should check with their doctor first.

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