Sunday, September 20, 2020

Herbal remedies have quickly become part of the health regimes of many individuals. You may have heard through the media, friends, and even your physician of the benefits and even the advantages of this type of treatment. But herbal remedies have yet to be endorsed by the Federal government’s Food and Drug Administration. You may have heard some negative things about these remedies and companies that market them as well. So are herbal remedies truly safe to use as a medical alternative? Are they recommended for everyone? Can they be used safely with conventional medications? And how can you determine if a herbal remedy is a legitimate one?

What You Should Know About Herbal Remedies Before Taking Them

One of the reasons that the herbal remedy debate is such a prolonged one is that both sides can make a legitimate argument as to whether or not these supplements should be taken for medical treatment. Those in the pro camp argue that herbal remedies:

  • are less expensive than conventional medications
  • are more natural than conventional medications
  • one remedy can treat more than one problem

Those in the negative camp argue that:

  • these remedies often produce side effects
  • these remedies can worsen pre-existing medical conditions
  • there is no protective oversight as to how these medications are produced

Milk thistle, a plant currently getting a lot of attention as a herbal remedy is a good debate example. Milk thistle extract benefits side effects include improved liver functioning and possible help for liver disease. Cholesterol levels seem to improve as well when consuming extract from this plant. And reported side effects to date appear to be minor, and include nausea, diarrhea, and bloating. In rare and more severe cases, some users report allergic reactions to the milk thistle plant, similar to other plant allergies, with symptoms including runny eyes and congestion.

How Can I Safely be Treated With Herbal Remedies And Other Alternative Medicines?

The best way to enjoy the benefits of these alternative therapies is to avoid the DIY approach. IV ozone therapy for example has been proven to increase blood flow and stimulate the body’s immune system. But in too high concentrations it can be toxic, so it should always be administered within a clinic. Clinical supervision is also a good idea for the prescription and monitoring of herbal remedies, especially if the user is taking other medications, has recently had surgery, or has a preexisting medical condition. Such clinics can also offer treatment such as cupping therapy. This treatment is similar to acupuncture, and a clinic that specializes in cupping therapy Miami is an excellent place for sufferers to begin their journey to good health.

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