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Long ago, in ancient times, cultures treated illness and disease with holistic and natural medicine – including herbal mixtures and remedies. Chinese Traditional Medicine is one of the oldest in the world, Indian Ayurvedic as a close second. Chinese and Indian herbs have powerful healing properties, and can cure innumerable conditions and diseases. A few other practices could have been acupuncture cupping therapies, for example, which originated in ancient China. Gh3 gerovital, a therapy which was developed in the 1950’s, although an alternative medicine, can not be categorized as an herbal remedy.  Herbs were used for healing as well as spiritual purposes, and some cultures believed they were linked with religion and spiritual energy.

When Herbal Remedies Crossed the Globe

When cultures started utilizing formal systems of writing, they eagerly documenting their medical practicing – which solely included the uses of herbal and medicinal plants. When trade routes became established, much later, these documentations were copied and their knowledge taken and used abroad. The development of herbal remedies and their knowledge builds an intriguing map connecting the ancient cultures and their eventual trade routes. From royal physicians, to tribal hunters, early traders, to buddhist monks and world pioneers who navigated to unknown lands and cultures. Such as the pioneers of North America discovering Native American herbal medicine. Thanks to printing press, much later on, these writings could be consumed by the masses.

The First Cultures to Document Their Remedies:

  • Ancient Egypt (Ebers papyrus)
  • India (Vedas)
  • India (Charaka Samhita)
  • China (Shen’nong Bencaojing)
  • Europe (De Materia Medica)

Why Should I Use Herbal Medicine?

Aside from being documented as healing ancient herbs for centuries, herbal medicines are – well – natural. Thus safer, and can have less side effects than chemical medication produced in a lab. In many countries, such as India, natural medicine and herbal remedies are still used as widely as modern medicine. It’s sometimes easy to grow your own herbs, making it even easier to obtain the right herbal remedy the moment you need it. Before you consume any herbal remedy, check with your doctor to see if it is right for you. Be very careful and aware of allergies you may have.

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