Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Miami VA Medical Center provides patients with caring and qualified staff members in our up-to-date facilities. We offer many impressive programs at these integrative medicine centers. Every patient will receive superior care. The following services will ensure that your overall health is incorporated. When you choose Miami VA Healthcare System, you will receive personal medical care that will meet all of your health care needs. You can expect these services to be provided to you in a caring environment by staff who are willing to listen to your concerns. This is your center for holistic medicine. This is an up-to-date facility that offers the following services:

  • general medical
  • inpatient and outpatient mental health services
  • prosthetic treatment center
  • spinal cord injury rehabilitative
  • geriatric Research education
  • substance abuse treatment
  • chest pain center

This is an experienced and trustworthy center that will provide every patient with superior services that will lead to good health.


The Miami VA Healthcare System has earned a fine reputation. There is a large list of Veterans who have been healed by this facility that honors every American Veteran by ensuring that each and every patient is offered excellence for their health needs. High quality care is provided by staff who are offer innovative and up-to-date treatments. This is a fully accredited comprehensive medical provider. This facility will ensure that excellence is offered in every patient’s care. There are specialty services offered by staff members who have specialty training.

Honoring Every American Veteran

The VA Medical Center Miami has a clear and distinct mission. This is a facility that believes that each and every American Veteran is honored in every way. This mission includes providing the services and health care that will heal and greatly improve your health and overall well-being in every way. Every American Veteran deserves superior health care in an up-to-date facility that can provide you with superior services that offer great health.

Serving South Florida

The Miami VA Healthcare team is proud to serve South Florida Veterans in the following counties:

  • Miami-Dade
  • Broward
  • Monroe

It is an honor to serve our Veteran population.

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