Friday, December 4, 2020

Mount Sinai Medical Center is one of the nation’s premier teaching and emergency hospitals in the south Florida region. Since 1949, the hospital has been a valuable resource for local and surrounding communities. Mount Sinai Medical Center is the only hospital in south Florida that has a collaborative partnership with an Ivy League school, Columbia University, to advance medical research and treatment procedures in areas of cardiology and urology. The hospital is staffed with the best and brightest doctors, nurses and medical personnel to ensure patients are treated with compassion and the highest standards of care. The hospital has state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for invasive and noninvasive surgical procedures; and the hospital has treatment centers for specialties that include oncology, cardiology, neuroscience, urology, obstetrics, neonatology, geriatrics and more.

Conventional Medical Applications

Mount Sinai Medical Center is up-to-date with the latest technologies and practices to ensure patients receive the best medical care that is available. Conventional medicine Miami services are structured to implement methodologies that have been approved by the federal government and governing bodies within the medical community. Conventional medical applications generally include prescription drugs, surgery and radiation to eliminate symptoms and to mitigate or cure diseases. These methodologies include the collective effort of doctors and allied health professionals, such as therapists, pharmacists, nurses, psychologists and more. These are some of the strengths that are attributed to Mount Sinai Medical Center professionals who are dedicated to treating life-threatening medical conditions, acute injuries and illnesses.

Integrative Medical Solutions and Practices

Mount Sinai Medical Center is leading the charge in providing alternative treatment procedures for patients to have access to a wide range of medical services. Integrative medicine is an effective method of addressing pain management and rehabilitative care. Integrative specialists are valuable resources for the treatment and prevention of medical illnesses through innovative procedures and recommended lifestyle changes for patients. Some of the medical applications that are used in the center of integrative medicine include:

  • Gua Sha/Scraping
  • Cupping
  • Medical Acupuncture
  • Nutrition Integration
  • Yoga
  • and more

These medical applications are effective methods that are used to treat mental and physical illnesses, strengthen muscles, treat pain, improve circulation, balance energy fields and more. Despite the type of treatment methodologies that patients receive, they are all certain to get friendly, professional care at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

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