Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The offices of the company Logistic Therapy are located in Miami, Florida in two special locations. One of these two main addresses is the location at 8955 SW 87th Court # 210 in the city of Miami, Florida. Its zip code is 33176. On the map, it is located near to the corner of 89th and 87th Court on its West side. On the map, it is located to the East side near to Rout 973. Miami is located to the south of many of the big cities in Florida State.

Services That the Company Logistic Therapy Offers

First of all Logistic Therapy is known as a holistic medical center and the Logistic Therapy centers are also known as an alternative medical center. The Logistic Therapy Center offers to registered patients complete service with

  • Home Health Care Aides

Home Health Care Services. Home Health Care Aides are thoroughly trained and experienced in working with the elderly and with persons with chronic as well as acute illnesses. The Logistics Health Care Services provides to its consumers specialized

  • Physical Therapists

Physical Therapists who are fully trained, updated in their training, and licensed to work with patients in the state of Florida. It is a helpful service for those persons who are suffering from pain and need the assistance of a trained physical therapist to help them with the pain management. Also available to the public are trained speech therapists.

  • Speech Therapists

Services Which Are Offered By the Company

Speech therapists work with many populations of people; particularly the elderly who have had a stroke. Speech therapists work with the young children who have diagnosed speech impediments, which interfere with their learning and school performance. The services that the Logic Therapy Company offers are helpful to persons who are seeking an alternative medicine method. For instance, persons suffering from pain would benefit from the professional know-how of physical therapists rather than take pain medications that may not be helping them to recover from the pain. Another example of how helpful the services from Logistic Therapy are that it provides for the elderly who are infirm the benefits of a home care aid.

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