Thursday, October 1, 2020

The health care industry, including doctors, surgeons, specialists and nurses, is experiencing a revolution! America is rapidly moving toward Universal Health Care and away from reliance on the private sector for its medical needs. The health care industry is changing as rapidly as the public reexamines the value of traditional versus modern medical practices. The language of health care is also undergoing a drastic change. Patients are now referred to as clients and the terms surgery and surgeons have been replaced with procedures and specialists. The public seems feed up with the exorbitant charges coming from doctors and their relative disregard for the well being of their clients. It is no wonder that doctors want to change their image.

Public is Drawn to Holistic Health Care

Many patients or clients, as we are now called, are moving away from treatments based on drugs. Strong drugs with a reliance on antibiotics, that are now seen as potentially harmful to health. They are choosing between a holistic health center, and conventional medical treatment for their needs. Acupuncture, herbal therapy, deep tissue massage and other treatments offer an alternative to the drug based culture of the past century. Nowadays people with a health problem have more options than in the past. Doctors Mercola and Weill offer assistance on the internet and answer questions from their followers, as well as providing sound advice for those of us with health issues.

Making Good Health and Healing a Reality

The choice is yours:

  • Conventional drug based medicine
  • New age or faith based healing
  • Holistic and homeopathic healing

Finding the best center for holistic healing in south Florida does not need to be confusing. First the choice must be made about the basic type of treatment required. Those of us fortunate enough to live in the Miami area have a multitude of choices when trying to locating a holistic healing center or homeopathic center for our needs. A search of the yellow pages or an internet search will provide a multitude of choices for our needs! Our health and well being is our most valuable asset. Our bodies should have the best care available. We need to choose and follow our decision to better health.

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