Monday, September 28, 2020

CAC-Florida Medical Center was known as Clínica Asociación Cubana from 1964 till 2000 when they opened their doors as the CAC Florida Medical Center. They are the first group to be granted a license to operate as a CAC-Florida Medical Center. CAC is now seen as a conventional medicine miami and trusted to be committed to their members and the communities they serve. They are known for their high quality and fully accessible health care for anybody in the Miami area.

“One place” stop for medicine

The centers operate in a staff model setting where routine medical care and outpatient care. CAC Careplus Medical Center practices both traditional medicine as well as ayurvedic medicine. CAC operates in a primary physician centered setting where routine medical and side health care are practiced in the same office. This model is called a “staff model” where primary care and specialist care is handled in the same office. This primary care physician centered model is more conducive to a culture of people that are used to a medical care plan that is more like that which they had in their home country.

The services that are offered to the patients under one roof are the following:

  • Medical Services
  • Ancillary Services
  • Walk-In Services
  • Dental Services
  • Vision Services

CAC Careplus Takes care of the whole person not just symptoms

The CAC Careplus Medical Center are working to take care of the whole person rather than just the symptom or the disease. They see people as people, not as a number or just another person with a disease. They have transportation to all patients and can send a driver to pick you up from your home or your facility. They offer wellness check ups and multiple post visit phone calls in order to make sure you are doing well and to make sure they know how you will be doing in the near future. Not only do they offer all of the above services, they also offer pharmacy services, coordinated care services, and transportation services. They will even come to your facility and make a house call to help you with medical issues that are concerning you. In the Miami, Florida area CAC Careplus Medical Center is working to make their patients as healthy as they can be. They are working to get their patients back to living the life they want to live; rather than a life of medicine and doctor bills.

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