Sunday, October 25, 2020

Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami-Dade takes pride in the fact that experience plays a large role in providing superior services to the Miami, Florida community. This is an up-to-date medical center that strives to offer integrative medicine that will completely meet the needs of each and every patient that comes to this facility. Healthy patients with enhanced health is the desired outcome of this center. This center has been offering exceptional care and services since the year 1972. This is a finely tuned center that knows how to provide conventional western medicine that is of the highest quality.

Services Provided

There is a variety of exceptional services provided to meet your particular needs. These include:

  • Internal Medicine
  • Family Planning
  • Dental Health
  • Substance Abuse
  • Dental Health

These are a sample of the services that are available. There are many more exceptional services that will ensure that every aspect of your health care needs will be met. You are more than welcome to contact this facility and obtain information and an assessment to determine what type of services you may be in need of.

Specialty Services Available

This center offers specialty services that will make sure that every patient has complete and satisfactory medical services and care. These specialty services include speech language and any needed communication services, services for disorders and treatments, specialty optometry care services, along with podiatry care. This center strive to provide the Miami area with a broad range of superior services that leave each individual in excellent health.

Healthcare that is Affordable

Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami-Dade is a non-for-profit organization. This center strives to ensure that every patient that is in need of health care services receives the care that they need. Race, religion, gender, and financial barriers will not stop anyone from receiving the needed health care. This is a center that ensures that healthcare is affordable. The following are accepted forms of payment. These include Medicaid, Medicare, Healthy Kids, Self pay arrangements, commercial and private insurance. This center is glad to work with all patients to find solutions that will ensure that your healthcare is affordable to you and your loved ones.

A Convenient Location

Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami-Dade
3601 Federal Highway
Miami, Florida 33161
Phone:(305) 576-6611

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