Sunday, September 27, 2020

HCG was originally used to treat problems associated with infertility. The HCG diet has gained considerable notoriety possibly because it severely restricts caloric intake. This particular diet restricts total calories each day to under 1,000.

The HCG diet will certainly help one lose weight. However, because such a small amount of calories are consumed there are some risks involved. HCG diet side effects may include fatigue, fluid retention as well as nausea.

The HCG diet involves injections of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This particular holistic healing is highly effective for weight loss. A person on the HCG diet can lose up to one pound per day. However, in addition to severe caloric restriction the person is only permitted a small amounts of oil which would be contained in salad dressings. Also, only one small portion of a vegetable may be permitted each day.

Positive Benefits To Receiving HCG Injections:

  • Appetite Suppression.
  • Increased Energy Levels.
  • Helps Reduce Fat Not Muscle.
  • Increases Overall Metabolism.
  • Can Help To Shed Up To One Pound Per Day.

Positive Outcome/ Pro’s & Con’s of The HCG Method

Due to the fact that the HCG diet if followed correctly it will help to increase a persons metabolism. Therefore, an increase in body metabolism will help a person to keep excess weight off at least for a period of time.

HCG diet side protocol enables the person to simply lose or drop large amounts of fat as well as excess weight. However, keep in mind each person must do their part in as far as watching the calories and possibly engaging in some kind of physical exercise. A person should never simply rely on a pill or injection as the sole means of keeping weight off.

HCG diet phases can severely restrict a persons daily caloric intake to as little as 600 calories. Therefore, it is important to make certain that the person eats an appropriate amount of meats and vegetables in order to stay healthy.

There are proven benefits with the HCG method as far as losing weight is concerned. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are some risks involved when using this method as a means of weight reduction. If any negative side effects occur the entire HCG treatment should be discontinued.

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