Sunday, September 20, 2020

There have been the introduction of a new kind of diet which is known as the HCG diet. Weight control have sent the dietitians and health scientist into conducting different researches that usually come out to have an effect or two on the individual’s body. Most of the people in the developed countries, united states being one of which suffer from lifestyle diseases and most at times obesity is found to dominate these lists of lifestyle diseases. The new HCG diet is recently developed diet that seeks to help individuals in weight loss endeavors. This diet involves the injection of HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) which is the hormone made by women during pregnancy. Weight control is two way. People don’t want to look too fat and at the same time being skinny isn’t that admirable.

How to go about the diet

This new HCG diet works by reducing the human weight by extreme amounts of up to one pound in a single day. The diet involves the injecting of the HCG hormone in the body which follows some cycles of 23 to 46 days. It is however not ten HCG that makes an individual lose weight but the diet. The diet recommended to be used with HCG is usually a difficult one to follow the results is in some way rewarding and proves the worth of using this diet. Among the dietary things to be done by someone controlling weight using the hcg diet phases include:

  • Consumption of one vegetable per meal
  • Not consuming above 800 calories a day
  • Avoiding food oils

Implications of HCG dieting

After the starting of the hcg dieting measure with the quest of helping weight control patients, the medical sector has found some hcg diet side effects these side effects include cases of fatigue among users. Others have complained of feeling some irritations, restlessness, depression, fluids build up and breast swelling in boys and men. Research is still on going regarding how far these side effects may go in damaging the body or causing other long terms effects. Health professional have also found the diet to be having the risk of blood clotting in the blood vessels which has been observed as the most risky threat to be posed by this kind of dieting. Hcg diet side protocol measures are underway to curb the extended risks by this new dieting introduced in the recent past.

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