Friday, September 25, 2020

IV Glutathione Therapy and Glutathione Injections is the optimum way of increasing the levels of glutathione in the system. Injecting the serum into the system is the best way of maximizing the benefits of this therapy. The levels of glutathione in your system are measured through tests under a doctor’s care.

Brief Recap on Why Our Bodies Need Glutathoine

This is a molecule produced by our body, partly from the foods that we eat, and partly from the function of our body when everything is working well. Extremely low levels of glutathione in your liver cause the functions of this organ to not filter out bad toxins allowing the toxins to enter the system at all levels and cause havoc.

Benefit – Injection therapy strengthens the protection screening process in the liver, trapping the free radicals and toxins, then discarding these impurities as waste. There are many familiar and not so familiar reasons for GHS injection therapy being recommended. Through research and extensive testing, science has determined improvement of many serious illnesses such as causing malignant cells to die while keeping healthy cells alive.

Where Can This Serum Be Purchased?

  • The safe purchase is when administered by your physician or medical clinic who specialize in Glutathione Therapy
  • There are many OTC purchasing agents of this antioxidant, but BEWARE of fraudulent sellers and fraudulent products
  • Self Injection of the serum advised when following proper medical practices provided by a healthcare facility.

Remember, because a little may be good for the immune system, does not mean more is better. Your physician knows the benefits your body will receive from the measurement prescribed.

Side Effects of Glutathione injections have been noted with some cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy inoculate themselves against excessive damage to their immune system caused by chemotherapy with certain antioxidants, glutathione being one of the antioxidants administered through injection or IV.

Since Glutathione is used to whiten the skin, this could be considered a side effect to anyone receiving GSH injections for other health reasons. A person may notice an increase in cognitive response, another side-effect from the serum may be increased stability when walking, which may have been altered by age or damage from arthritis or illness.

Nevertheless, consult a physician or clinic for expert advice in the matter.

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