Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Glutathione is a substance found in all mammal. It is mostly produced in the liver. Glutathione is used in body tissue building and repairs. It also boosts the body immune system by enhancing production of proteins and chemicals in the body. Glutathione is injected into the muscle to prevent cancer patients from the side effects of chemotherapy. Male fertility may also be boosted through this injections. When injected into the veins it improves blood flow and preventing problems of the kidney after a heart surgery. The glutathione therapy can be accessed at the center for holistic medicine.

About Glutathione IV Therapy

• Benefits of glutathione therapy
Glutathione therapy has so many benefits. It helps in the treatment of various diseases and conditions. Also, it helps boost the body immune, so you are not susceptible to diseases. Its effectiveness in preventing the side effects of cancer chemotherapy.
Also, Glutathione IV therapy has been very effective in skin lightening.
• Glutathione Therapy Side Effects
When Glutathione IV therapy is badly done for skin lightening, it can lead to excessive lightening and ugly results could be achieved. Also, it could lead to skin rash, abdominal pains, thyroid derangement and kidney dysfunctions.
The excessive dosage of Glutathione IV may also cause neurological issues.
• Other IV Therapies.
Aside from Glutathione IV therapy, there is a wide range of therapies to choose from depending on your condition, needs and illness. One of them is the iv nutrition therapy that helps in administering minerals to the body, therefore, preventing heart diseases, fatigue and infections. Also, iv rehydration can be used where patients have dehydration problems. Other therapies may include chelation therapy, moxibustion, neurointegration and acupuncture therapies.


Glutathione therapy is mostly administered intravenously to solve aging problems and for skin lightening purposes. It is used as a complementary to conventional treatment of cancer. Here it is administered to cancer patients after undergoing chemotherapy to reduce the side effects. Before undergoing a glutathione IV therapy, it is important to make sure that the practitioner is licensed and certified. This way you are sure that it will be done in the right way. This prevents disappointments especially when the therapy is used for skin lightening. Glutathione, aside from treating your condition, will have other significance in your body like boosting your immune.

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