Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Glutathione (pronounced “gloota-thigh-own”) is a molecule produced in the liver that plays a substantial role in the bodies function by filtering out specific diseases that breakdown the immune system. When we are young, healthy, and active, the liver automatically produces sufficient Glutathione to filter out many harmful things that enter the body, pass through the liver filtering out the toxins. When the liver can’t filter out the toxins, or becomes deficient in Glutathione, harmful free radicals and other toxins are allowed to pass through the weakened filtering system.

Where is Glutathione Naturally Found?

Glutathione which is found in many foods can be reintroduced into the system through foods we eat, such as cruciferous vegetables that assist your liver produce levels of Glutathione on its own through exercise, thus enhancing this necessary molecule detoxification through your liver’s filtering system.

Problems compound when your liver is unable to manufacture or utilize the Glutathione produced by the body. At this point, when administered properly and at the right dosage this nutrient can boost the liver’s recovery to optimum function.

Benefits Through An IV

TheBenefits of Glutathione introduced into the system from an external source such as an IV has tremendous benefits. Glutathione IV brings about faster benefits. Introduction into the system through IV quickly introduces an added source of fighting power against free radicals, which are then thrown-away by way of bile.

Introduction of Glutathione Benefits by way of an IV allows it to start working immediately and allows a much larger amount of the nutrient to be available to the cells to quickly start fighting off free radicals and enhance repair and renewal of the liver.

A few of the diseases and illnesses presently being successfully treated with Glutathione IV are:

  • Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, Parkinson’s, MS, Huntington’s and Lyme Diseases.
  • Effectively used to treat malaise, damaged brain cells due to oxidation
  • Areas of the body damaged by free radicals
  • Many illnesses of the lungs
  • Other illnesses related to the immune, nervous and gastrointestinal system

Health and age play a tremendous part in the production of Glutathione, therefore, in the bodies ability to produce this nutrient, therefore, treatment using an IV to quickly improve this protective source nutrient is a definite benefit to the patient.

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