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Gerovital is said to be an anti-aging medication which has procaine hydrochloride as its main ingredient. GH3 was created by Romanian biologist/physician, Dr. Ana Asland in the early 1950s. A few years later an improved formulation called Aslavital was marketed both as injectable and pill form. The primary difference was Aslavital contained vitamin B6. This was viewed to provide a more substantial boost compared to its related formula, GH3. Dr. Aslan has been regarded formerly as a pioneer gerontologist in Europe with the creation of GH3. It has enjoyed positive reception first in Europe and later internationally.

Noted Benefits

The noted benefits of gerovital injection are:

  • GH3 injection may act more faster compared to tablet form.
  • GH3 injection initially exhibits with improved skin color and tone, and overall strengthening of hair, nails, and skin.
  • GH3 injection is generally administered three times weekly for about one month under medical supervision.
  • GH3 formulations are said to minimize depressive symptoms and also prescribed as an anti-Parkinsonian treatment
  • GH3 is said to restore energy, and minimize signs related to chronic fatigue syndrome.

Notable Facts About GH3

The GH3 injectable formula has been, and continues to be largely created as it was initially by Dr. Aslan. Generally, each container holds five vials. The main ingredient, procaine hydrochloride has as secondary ingredients:100 g benzoic acid; 60 g potassium metadisulfate;50 g disodium phosphate.

GH3 injections are prescribed following testing for procaine sensitivity. The test involves administration of 1 ml of GH3 solution subcutaneously and repeat again with 1.5 ml 24 hours later. Allergic reactions are cited to be one in 6,000, and to date no reports of overdose.

Minor symptoms of dizziness, palpitation or weakness may follow injection but can be avoided by resting up to 15 minutes after reception. Monitoring for hypertension and other circulatory symptoms is recommended when starting GH3 injection.

Packaging: GH3 injections are typically in a box containing brown ampule, five vials, each noted to be 1.5 ml. GH3 is not recommended for women in lactation or currently pregnant. One may drive and operate machinery while on GH3.

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