Saturday, September 19, 2020

Gerovital H3 is also known as procaine hydrochloride. It is mostly known for its benefit as an anti-ageing treatment. GH3 comes in many forms in the market for easy self- administration. It may be bought as a supplement, tablets and capsules, lotions and creams and, cosmetic products. However, when prescribed by a medical practitioner, GH3 is administered through injections to act as a local anaesthesia. GH3 has many benefits, this includes prevention of pain, treatment for depression, hair loss, high blood pressure and other sexual problems. However, the use of GH3 is not without its side effects. Patients are likely to experience migraines and heartburns.

Other Therapies

Whatever illness or condition that you may be having, there many therapies out there that may help to treat. Some of this beneficial therapies include;

  • Chelation therapy – Chelation therapy involves the injection of a synthetic solution into the body to get rid of heavy metals in the body. Chelation treatment has been approved only as a means of treating lead poisoning cases.
  • Insulin Potentiation Therapy –Ipt therapy is a form of low dose chemotherapy. It is mostly used in cancer patients to prevent the adverse side effects caused by conventional chemotherapies. Also, it is effective in killing cancerous cells and suppressing their impacts to the body.
  • Nutrition Therapies – Nutrition therapies are oftenly administered where the patient is at a deficiency of vital minerals and nutrients in the body. One of the most common form of nutritional therapies is the administration of Myer’s cocktail. The myers cocktail ingredients include magnesium, calcium and Vitamin Bs and Cs. These nutritional therapies are most beneficial where it comes to boosting the body’s immune system.


These therapies all have their benefits. However, it is important that you gather enough facts about them before opting for them. This is because, some may have some adverse side effects. Also, you need to ensure that this therapies do not contain any elements that you may be allergic to. You do not want to trigger another condition when you are trying another. Note that you can also ask your practitioner to teach you some of this therapies so that you can incorporate them into your daily life. Finally, ensure that the practitioner is well trained and certified so that you avoid consequences of wrongful procedures.

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