Thursday, October 29, 2020

At Miami, just like other therapies like knee stem cell treatment, gerovital-H3 is well-offered. Gerovital-H3 is an anti-depression medication that rejuvenates and improves concentration. It was invented in the year 1905 by a biochemist (Dr. Alfred Einhorn) by combining two substances in a liquid: para – aminobenzoic acid and diethylaminoethanol, which occur naturally in the body but disappear as you grow old. This combination was later discovered to improve mental abilities as well as arthritis symptoms. The benefits were then realized not to last longer, and so she added disodium phosphate and potassium methamphetamine that extended its benefits for about six to nine hours. Gerovital was originally used as a pain killer but later patients begun to notice some side effects of which they had no idea about such as hair re-growth and improvement in joint stiffness.


It is an ant-aging agent that is recommended for those who are over 40 years and above. Gerovital-H3 has for a while been proven to strengthen muscle especially in older people. At Miami, various practitioners have been using vitamin c IV therapy and glutathione therapy to treat various types of cancers until when they realized that vitamin c iv benefits and glutathione benefits are out-weighed by those of gerovital-H3. Diethylaminoethanol, which is one of the components of gertovital-H3 can produce a mild euphoria and is also known to enhance a positive effect on mood. Other benefits include:
• It has favorable effects on glands.
• Helps in blood formation
• It inhibits MOA( a brain enzyme) that seems to destroys neurotransmitter.
• The ability to influence both body and mind in a very wide variety of ways.
• Increases resistance to infections.


If you are considering getting the best results out of gerovital-H3 medication, it is advisable to visit a well-equipped hospital with high quality equipment that are up-to-date. Also, go for a well-trained practitioner who is well recognized and has a valid license. Make an appointment of visiting Miami medical Centre for a healthy and quality gerovital-H3 medication. At Miami, you are guaranteed to find qualified doctors who have a great experience in gerovital-H3 treatment. Besides, personal attention to our patients is highly valued at Miami medical Centre. This enables our doctor to give full attention to the patients. Although there are few reports of gerovital-H3 side effects like headache, these are highly avoided by following the right and recommended procedure.

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