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To be clear, Gerovital H3 is an anti-depression and rejuvenating medication that lowers cortisol in the body and improves a person’s concentration. It also provides many other therapeutic benefits. In the beginning this medical product was used as a painkiller but later on, some patients began noticing other positive side effects such as:

• improvements in the stiffness of the joints
• hair re-growth
• an anti-aging drug
• a powerful anti-depression medication
• an improvement in concentration and lower cholesterol.

Benefits of Gerovital H3

Other benefits that come from Gerovital H3 are: favorable effects on hair, intestines, glands, blood cell formation and an improvement in various functions of the skin. The active ingredients in Gerovital H3 also lessen certain problems associated with aging such as:

• impotence
• poor memory
• arthritis
• high cholesterol
• heart disease.

This product works by blocking cortisol, which is one of the hormones that increases with age. It is important to note that cortisol is a hormone that increases stress in the body. Gerovital also inhibits a brain enzyme known as MAO, which increases with age. Some think that MAO causes various neurological problems such as migraines and depression. Clinical trials show that in most cases, Gerovital is effective in calming migraines and depression. Be sure to find out about high dose vitamin c side effects.

Who should take Gerovital H3?

Keep in mind; Gerovital H3 is recommended for those over the age of 40 and as a medication that has anti-aging properties. This product works well for those who want to improve their concentration, lower their cholesterol, reduce joint stiffness and reverse various age-related symptoms. Talk with your doctor about glutathione side effects.

At this point in time, no adverse reactions to Gerovital-H3 have been recorded. This drug should be taken every day on an empty stomach. The recommended dosage is one or two tablets a day, several hours after a meal. Some have noticed by taking this product that they feel revitalized and it also has a strong reputation as also being restorative. Talk with your doctor about platelet rich plasma.

Other Benefits of Gerovital H3

Other benefits of Gerovital H3 besides slowing down the aging process are: improving concentration, giving help to those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, improving one’s sex drive, tightening and smoothing of the skin and treating impotence. Keep in mind; the aforementioned benefits have not been proven.

To conclude, Gerovital H3 is a product that has helped many with various health concerns. As with any medical product it is important to talk with your doctor first and ask any questions you may have about the medication.

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