Sunday, September 20, 2020

Gerovital H3, also known as Gh3 or procaine hydrochloride, is an anti-aging treatment, in alternative medicine. Gh3 is easy to take at home, and comes in many different forms. It can be taken as a supplement through capsules or tablets, and is even used in some cosmetic products such as makeup and lotion. When a doctor prescribes Gh3, it is administered by gerovital injections. Gh3 can treat pain, hair loss, signs of aging, depression, sexual problems, and high blood pressure. Side effects can include headaches that develop into migraines, and even heartburn. Gh3 is a multi-purpose alternative therapy, and is highly beneficial to many patients, because of this.

Therapies to Use With Gh3

Illnesses and conditions are sometimes treated with a combination of conventional medicine and alternative medicine. The combination of the two is known as integrative medicine. Often, blending therapies, or adding therapy to conventional medicine, can magnify the patient’s healing. For this reason, hydration therapy is often paired with other therapies – simply to boost healing! PRP therapy (platelet-rich plasma therapy) is often paired with pulsed electromagnetic field – PEMF treatment. Hydration always improves healing, and meditation can boost the patient’s confidence in their own body’s ability to heal itself. Benefits of milk thistle extract are abundant, which is why milk thistle is an irreplaceable herbal remedy.

Whatever the illness may be, here are a few therapies that go well with other therapies.

These Therapies

Every therapy has benefits and even side effects. But the thing is, which natural therapies, side effects are less severe and dangerous. All depending on the treatment of course. Chelation therapy can be dangerous, and your conditions have to be just right to use the therapy, or risk death. Chelation therapy is an important therapy that saves lives from heavy metal poisoning. It’s always important to do your research, and talk to your doctor about your findings. Your doctor will be able to tell you whether or not a therapy is best for you, considering all your conditions. In the end, only your doctor and a certified and experienced practitioner at a local holistic center can help you.

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