Friday, December 4, 2020

Gerovital h3 is a dental painkiller known as procaine hydrochloride. It is also called novocaine. Procaine hydrochloride is the main ingredient in Gerovital, which is created by combining diethlaminoethanol, water soluble B-vitamins and benzoic acid. These are present in human body, and are essential for human health. In Miami, gerovital is becoming more popular in anti-aging treatment. Gerovital can be administered through injection or oral administration. Medical officers at Miami recommend gerovital injection, which give quick results. To cause effect, gerovital takes up to three days, and it is advisable to use it for a minimum of 3 months. It is also advisable to get medical assistance when it comes to use of gerovital. This is so because, gerovital has various side effects including systemic lupus erythematosus, heartburn and migraines. Also, you should not use gerovital with antibacterial treatment and prostigmine or serine and if you are suffering from allergy to gerovital.


In Miami, gerovital can be used as an anti- depressant agent. Research shows that gerovital has a good cortisol-inhibiting effect, which is natural response to various stress in the human body. Those who overproduce cortisol are likely to suffer from cortisol stress, which comes with various disorders such as suppression of immune system and memory loss.
Other uses of gerovital.

Gerovital can also be used in the following ways:

  • It help in balancing of oestrogens reappearance with endocrine functions as well as reactivation of androgen.
  • It makes one active thus, improving desire to live, improvement of optimism, enhance concentration and attention abilities and better memory.
  • It makes one adaptable to various environment conditions, which make one more resistance to various infections.
  • Help in improvement of visual, olphactive and auditive acuity.
  • Increase mobility, improve gait and reduce extrapyramidal rigidity.


Perls does not agree that gerovital can be used as anti-aging drugs. Various organizations and medical experts has agreed with him. According to Perls, “there is no scientific evidence supporting any systemic health benefits or ‘anti-aging’ effects of the drug.”
At the same time, gerovital has been used as anti-aging drugs across the world, and it has actually yield good result in longevity, ranging from lowering blood pressure and cholesterol to smooth skin. In United State, the use of gerovital as anti-aging drugs is banned unless it undergoes well-controlled trials.

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