Friday, September 18, 2020

Holistic and alternative health care has been effectively treating ailments and injuries since the beginning of recorded history. It is only in the last two centuries that medicine has been deterred from natural remedies to a more scientific, pharmaceutical approach, shoving aside long-standing practices in favor of modern, more invasive medical care. Although holistic healing has been often rejected by the scientific community in the past, it has seen resurgence in the last few decades. Current research shows that Alternative Medicine does work. It is no secret that most modern medical breakthroughs have their roots in nature, and that ancient healing practices that are initially dismissed are often revisited, found to be effective, and have made their way back into the mainstream.

While the pharmaceutical companies continue to discredit holistic therapies, researchers continue to find real advantages to these often less invasive therapies. Modern medical practices have embraced these techniques, many of which have been added to their repertoire of medical tools, often in conjunction with more conventional methods.

One example of this is electromagnetic field therapy, which has been used in healing for thousands of years. There are two different kinds of electromagnetic therapy: static therapy and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF). Static therapy places magnets directly on affected areas to promote healing and reduce symptoms. This can be done both in clinical settings and in the home. Magnetic bracelets and mattress pads can be useful in balancing energy, pain management and mood stability. More intensive and targeted results can be achieved with strategically placing the magnets to the body. PEMF therapy uses a machine to send pulses of electromagnetic energy into the body to treat illness and injury.

Electromagnetic therapy works in part by sending highly oxygenated blood to the location of the ailment. This oxygen-rich blood is more effective at healing the body. There are a wide range of conditions that can benefit from this therapy. One fairly common use, both in holistic healing centers and modern medical facilities, is broken bones. When PEMF is used to treat bone fractures, healing time is greatly reduced. Other applications include pain management and kidney stones.

More and more, research is showing the possibilities  of this therapy and its wide range of uses. In the field of psychiatry, electromagnetic therapy is being explored as a treatment for depression and anxiety. Migraine headaches are another condition that is shown to be alleviated with this therapy, as well as other neurological disorders. As the research into alternative therapies continues, the medical community will discover more ways that patients can benefit from this powerful, healing tool.

Dayton Medical is a facility that has been serving Miami since 1973 and specializes in natural and homeopathic medicine. Its Miami Doctors. are experienced in providing Alternative Medicine as well as conventional methods in the treatment of their patients.

For patients who have become frustrated with conventional managed care, have been told that there is nothing wrong, or that the problem cannot be treated, Dayton Medical may be able to provide the relief you are seeking. Drawing from various techniques from around the world, they are able to address the whole patient, instead of being solely focused on medication or invasive procedures that may be ineffective or inappropriate for each individual.

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