Sunday, September 20, 2020

When looking for a doctor, many are drawn to a family practice because they feel they offer all-inclusive treatments. While this is true in some ways, a family doctor is generally pretty limited in what they can and cannot do. They often refer patients to outside sources where a doctor specialized in the condition or situation that they feel is occurring. They won’t know about things such as prp platelet rich plasma therapy or other treatments. Their basis is rather focused on general things. From rashes to headaches, they treat the very basic things that you need help with. They also act as a guide to oversee the general medical provisions and process all referrals. However, their limits are certainly known.

The Difference Between A Family Practice or Internal Medicine

The debate for a family practice over internal medicine is quite extensive. Many people make a choice in their healthcare based on the doctor’s skillset. Internal medical specialists are just there to treat adults. They cannot and don’t treat children, as they are not licensed to do so. The family practitioner can treat all ages from children to the elderly. They are licensed as both an internist and a pediatrician. They can do women’s health issues, including those that cross over into a gynecological visit. A family physician will often see the entire family from the children to parents. This will give the doctors a good idea when looking for genetically based markers and things that are out of the ordinary. They may not be able to treat things like chelation side effects, but here are some commonly treated family practice issues:

• Common Cold/Sinuses
• Bacterial and Viral Infections
• Diabetes
• Basic Mental Health Issues
• Other Biological Problems

Choosing The Best Doctor

When it comes to finding the best family practitioner, you want to look for someone who has ample experience. There are numerous websites that can assist in doctor reviews and help make wise decisions regarding health care. Find someone that doesn’t alway push prescription medications when there are other natural alternatives that might work. Taking milk thistle seed instead of a prescription may be an early option to help with the liver. Always find someone that has the same core beliefs as you regarding your treatment. They should listen to your input and never discredit anything you have to say. Remember, it’s your health so you need to have a voice in your care too.

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