Saturday, September 19, 2020

Part of caring for a family and most importantly for a family with children is to relay on a good medical care, to find a doctor’s office who will be able to practice family medicine.

Many considerations come to mind when the time comes to select a medical practice to care for your family, first and foremost is the quality of care one will receive which is based on the education and experience of the practicing doctors, the care with which the doctors examine and diagnose the patients, the office auxiliary staff and their attitude towards the patients, the hospitals with which the particular office works with, the punctuality in maintaining the appointment time, etc.

Other considerations can be the proximity to your residence, the acceptance of your insurance, the availability of short notice or late or weekend appointments.

Family practice

A family practice doctor can see all the members of a family at different times as needed.
A yearly check up associated with preventive care advise is part of a routine family practice visit. A doctor of a family practice will perform as a minimum the following:

  • a visual examination of the entire body
  • a complete questionnaire of any changes in the patient health since the previous exam
  • a comprehensive blood test
  • a urine test
  • temperature, blood pressure and lungs examination

Based on the above, if anything appears to be unusual or if patient has any complaints, the family practice doctor who generally is an internist, can recommend further tests and/ or can send the patient to see a specialized doctor.

Outdoors activities and sports

Since a great emphasis is placed these days on outdoor activities for adults and children and sports in schools have gained an important role in children’s physical and mental well being, the family practice sports medicine is an important aspect of the doctors visits. To insure that a patient can participate in certain sports a doctor will check:
– the general physical condition and body strength
– the heart condition for any malfunction
– the lungs capacity to insure the patient does not suffer of asthma
– any other condition which will prevent the patient to participate in a particular sport

The best Family Practice in Miami satisfies all of the above and much more when caring for families.

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