Sunday, October 25, 2020

Miami’s Dayton Dandes Medical Center is a leader in holistic and integrative medicine. While offering personal attention, the facility treats patients battling everything from cancer to asthma to fibromyalgia. The facility is dedicated to healing the entire person with individualized care by offering both conventional medical techniques including drugs and surgery to improve symptoms and complementary and alternative medicine.

There is no need to choose between traditional medicine and alternative treatments; patients of the Dayton Dandes Medical Center can choose to blend the benefits of each with seamlessly integrated care that is tailored to each patient’s specific needs. The result is happier and healthier patients who are refreshed in both spirit and body.

Some of the many services offered

The Dayton Dandes Medical Center offers an array of services designed to round out patient health and promote overall wellness. Popular services include:

• Glutathione Injections – glutathione is produced by the liver and shortages can delay recover from cancer treatments and depress overall health; supplementation can improve recovery and contribute to optimal health
• Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy Injections – concentrated prp injections given into injured tissues may facilitate healing where medications and physical therapy have failed
• Myers Cocktail – this intravenous mix of vitamins and nutrients is known to rehydrate quickly; it is popular to treat hangovers as well as a wide range of medical conditions including asthma and autoimmune disorders
• Chelation Therapy – an intravenous treatment to remove heavy metals from body to improve cell function, this therapy is often used to improve the cardiovascular system and prevent the need for surgeries

A dedicated staff personalizes care

The Dayton Dandes Medical Center is serviced by a team of medical professionals with degrees in osteopathy, metabolic medicine and dermatology, and holding board certification in internal medicine. The facility offers bilingual practice, with professionals speaking fluent Portuguese, Mandarin, Spanish, Russian, and German.

Patients often request additional information such as how long intravenous procedures take; whether there are any glutathione injection side effects; what kind of activity is permitted during a treatment; what are the myers cocktail ingredients; and does insurance cover alternative medicine treatments. The knowledgeable professionals and staff are available to answer these and many more questions.

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