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Chronic pain is bad news. More than 50 million of people over the age of forty suffer from some form of pain. It is the pain that persists over a long stretch of time, and tend to resist many conventional treatments. Many reasons and symptoms surround this pain, occurring most frequently due to psychological factors such as depression, stress and anxiety. It may also be the result of underlying health conditions such as osteoporosis, cancer, Fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease or simply a stooped posture while sitting or walking. Symptoms include low back pain, loss of height, headache and increased risk of fracture and other illnesses.

Chronic pain can also be a result of traumatic injury, improper lifting of heavy objects, aging or obesity. Chronic inflammatory conditions are related to a higher illness risk, and even a slightly weak immune system can trigger this condition affecting the overall health. They are in fact a bigger red flag than many other diseases. If you are one of those people who suffer from chronic pain and traditional medications are making you groggy or moody, there are some effective alternative ways followed in Medicine Clinic Miami to manage it.


People with chronic pain can choose to change the ways they feel and make the entire process a positive scenario by undergoing this simple technique followed by the Chinese for nearly 2000 years. Small needles are inserted under the skin at various locations that calms down the painful parts of the body and help build resistant to it gradually. It does, however, take more than one or two sessions, some patience and some natural healing strategies to be fully effective.

One of the most important things you must do while having chronic pain due to bad ergonomics is make a commitment to changing your postures by first undergoing treatment from a chiropractor – a specialist who treats spine and musculo-skeletal disorders. The treatment given to you may depend on the pain severity and body condition.
Electrical Stimulation

Do not worry that you will have to go through the whole process of treatment everyday because some procedures are designed in sessions allowing the patient to recover in stages and heal naturally. Electrical stimulation is an alternative procedure where electricity pulses are applied for a brief duration under the skin where the pain is felt. The body is then allowed to heal itself. Brain stimulation is another treatment where the same electrical method is used to control the pain. Here electrodes are surgically implanted in the brain and the stimulation is controlled externally. However, there are risks associated with this treatment, so it is necessary for you and your doctor to decide if this procedure is right for you.
Stress and Anger Management

It is important for you to have control over your emotions and managing stress is one of the natural remedies. This strategy must be foremost in the minds of patients that suffer from chronic pain due to whatever reason, if they want to see a change within their body. Most pain related to head are really due to stress and anger disguised as chronic pain. They need to be addressed as such and not to be confused with your body’s response to environmental factors. It is easier to fight these pain types though yoga, meditation, massage and breathing techniques.

Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

Think before you munch because most illnesses begin in the mouth. However, controlling what you eat is a long process and requires strict commitment to it. Eating a well-balanced food is very crucial in getting rid of chronic pain. Fresh fruits, vegetables and nut provide the required vitamins, minerals and other nutrition to the body to distract your mind from the pain and heal the body naturally. Make sure to get plenty of exercise in the mean time. Walking, stretching, cardiovascular activities, bike riding and swimming strengthen the body muscles and make them active. If obesity is the cause, focus your diet and lifestyle in reducing the excess body fat.

You can’t change the intensity of pain without one or combination of the above treatments and no treatment is complete without the help of Dayton Medical Clinic that can turn your health around.

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