Sunday, September 20, 2020

Traditional Chinese medicine has been the subject of increased interest in recent years from North American and European patients suffering from chronic conditions that Western doctors have proven ineffective at treating. While treated with skepticism by the medical establishment traditional Chinese medicine nonetheless has a successful track record at treating many illnesses and conditions. In particular, traditional Chinese herbal medicine has been shown to improve general health and relieve chronic pain without the harsh side effects of prescription pharmaceuticals or invasive surgical procedures. By drawing on millennia of accumulated knowledge about human physiology and natural remedies practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine have proven adept at filling in the blind spots of the Western medical establishment.


  • Traditional Chinese medicine herbs lack the harsh side effects often caused by the pharmaceuticals used to treat many chronic health problems. Traditional Chinese medicine can help alleviate conditions such as high blood pressure or chronic pain without causing nausea, disorientation, weight gain and other debilitating side effects. By contrast, Western pharmaceuticals for the same conditions often have side effects almost as bad as the problems they were meant to treat.
  • Traditional Chinese medicine does not rely on expensive hospitals and prescription medication. Given the high cost of healthcare and the for-profit nature of the medical establishment this makes traditional Chinese medicine a very attractive alternative to patients with limited means and income.
  • Conventional western medicine is ineffective at treating chronic debilitating conditions. Traditional Chinese medicine complements Western medicine by offering effective, low impact alternative treatments for chronic debilitating conditions and pain management after surgery.


The Western medical establishment stubbornly refuses to recognize the benefits of many aspects of traditional Chinese medicine. As such, it can be difficult to get insurance companies to cover the costs of traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Furthermore, there is often a social stigma attached to Chinese traditional medicine among those unfamiliar with it. Undergoing treatment from a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner often leads to snide comments about how traditional Chinese medicine is ‘not real’ or ‘voodoo,’ even when the treatment is effective. Also, lack of resources in many parts of North America can make it difficult to access a trained traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. Because of this it is often necessary for patients to do their own research on treatments and practitioners to ensure effective healthcare.

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