Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sometimes the best way to approach a situation is to look at some of the things that have already been done. Although that can seem like an oxymoron, there are elements of ancient traditions and thoughts that can help individuals today to better understand things today. Take, for example, the concept of Chinese medicine. Many researchers in the United States and elsewhere continue to be on a dedicated quest to find cures for such diseases as Cancer and childhood leukemia. While they definitely are looking at new approaches and up-to-date technology, they also are strongly considering the role that traditional Chinese medicine might play in solving the puzzle. Eastern medicine practices have a lot of advantages to them.

Chinese Medicine: Solving New Problems

Scientists have been increasingly looked at Chinese healing practices in order to come up with better cures for their ailments. Ancient herbal medicine has a lot of healing properties, probably for the following reasons:

  • Chinese medicine relies on traditional herbs.

Sometimes the best way to approach the ailments that we as humans face is to get back to nature. Chinese doctors have provided cures for literally thousands of years simply by harvesting natural roots from the ground. One example of this would be in the use of artemisinin, which is a direct extract of the sweet wormwood plant. The drug has been proven to be one of the best anti-malarial drugs out there on the market today.

  • Chinese medicine has given us new ways of fighting diseases.

Another area of Asian medicine that is showing a lot of promise would be in the way that it gives researchers new ways to fight old diseases. A new leukemia drug was recently developed that treats acute promyelocytic leukemia, called arsenic trioxide. The drug has been a hallmark of Chinese herbal remedies for thousands of years, and was literally a “cure for leukemia without chemotherapy.”

  • Chinese medicine should be tested.

Because of the track record of these ancient healing herbs, they should be tested in order to determine which works well and which doesn’t. They have developed a strong track record of success.

Chinese Medicine: Worthy of Further Tests

Many researchers are taking notice at the fact that Chinese medicine has strong healing properties. Researchers are documenting their findings on their quest to continue to find new ways to combat disease. This includes studying triptolide, called “thunder god vine” as an anti-Cancer drug, and keeping notes on other drugs that show promise.

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