Monday, September 21, 2020

It is clear that the modern American consumers are far more aware of health conscious lifestyle options now than we ever have been. Various science based workouts along with zen meditation practices are being advertised day and night along with the latest products in clean, organic eating. With health and body being a frequent topic of conversation, it is not a huge surprise that people are also beginning to question the medications that they put into their bodies. Many people seek alternative medicine practices to avoid pharmaceuticals that can potentially be very dangerous and are often times harmful. For many people, the holistic approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine provides a solution to their minor medical problems.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is the most widely recognized form of alternative medicine, and continues to be popular. This complimentary holistic healing practice may have originated in the East, but many people in the West have identified with its dedication to balance and method of relieving ailments. While the diagnosis process can vary greatly and is somewhat vague, the remedies include:

  • herbal medicine
  • qigong (a specifically prescribed healing exercise)
  • acupuncture
  • dietary therapy
  • massage

There is extreme disagreement as to whether or not Traditional Chinese Medicine provides any sort of substantial benefits. However, these strictly natural healing practices certainly aren’t making anyone overdose.

Modern Modifications

Various modern interpretations of holistic medicine include new methods of healing. Along with concentration g on the balance created by herbs, aromas, diet and exercise, new, advanced methods have also been added. PRP Therapy is a perfect example of how new techniques have used science for holistic purposes rather than for pharmaceutical ones. PRP (platlet-rich plasma) uses the growth factors in a patient’s own blood to stimulate the growth and regeneration of bone and soft tissues throughout the body.

Another upgraded approach to holistic healing is vitamin injections. Vitamin C IV benefits are claimed to be the most substantial. In theory, the injections are meant to supplement what can’t be obtained through diet and help boost the immune system of the patient. Though this practice has never been scientifically substantiated, it certainly does not do anyone harm as long as they are clean and careful.

There are, however, drawbacks toward the holistic movements advancement toward injection. For proof we need look no further than the glutathione injection side effects. This injection was intended to lighten the appearance of a person’s skin but the injections have very easily lead to glutathione overdose. Overdose effects include diarrhea, kidney failure, SJS (Stevens-Johnson Syndrome), and toxic epidermal necrolysis. All of which are very difficult injuries for the body to sustain.

So remember that we need to be educated even when choosing holistic alternatives. Even the best of intentions can sometimes go to far.

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