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Chinese Traditional Medicine is a comprehensive term for medical practices that can be traced back to being used in the Chinese traditions over 2500 years ago. This system of treatment has found its way into today’s health care, being used alone or as a complementary to western medicine. Chinese Traditional Medicine has many branches including homeopathy and naturopathy. The various branches of TCM concentrate on how the various internal aspects of the body interact and how their imbalance could affect the health of the other. Also, it focusses on how the body interacts with the external environment such as the weather. It utilizes a range of techniques in order to foster healing of the whole being. If you would like to benefit from this kind of medicine, the integrative medicine center or the alternative medicine center is the place to visit.

Some TCM Techniques

• Lymphatic drainage massage
Lymphatic drainage massage Miami is one of the many treatments that can be found under TCM. This is a manual detoxification massage that aims at draining the lymph. This massage is very effective in the treatment of lymphedema.

• Acupuncture
When talking of TCM, one cannot fail to mention acupuncture. It is one of the most common TCM treatments. It has gained a lot of popularity in the modern day, both at the alternative medical facilities and the integrative facilities. It is very effective in the treatment of inflammations and pain.

• Cupping
This TCM technique works just like acupuncture. It utilizes vacuum glasses that are placed at the body’s acupuncture points. It helps restore energy balance, thus helping with stagnation issues. Also, it is beneficial in the treatment of colds.

TCM Principles

TCM operates under four major principles. First, it is formed under the principle of prevention. Under TCM, it is believed that prevention is the best cure. The second principle under TCM is the body’s self-healing ability. This medicine practice believes that your body has the ability to heal itself without invasion from outside externalities. The third principle states that your body is integrated with nature. This means that nature changes will always be reflected on your body. Your current health issues are a result of the weather, age, geography or even season. Lastly, your body is an integrated system. This means that there is an interconnectivity between your physical body, mind and spirit. The health or imbalance of one will affect the others.

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