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Traditional Chinese medicine has proven to be very beneficial for the whole person- mind, body, and soul. Traditional Chinese medicine began in ancient China, and has been around for over 1000s of years. It is so popular that it is widely implemented in mostly the whole world. Practitioners of this medicine use various body and mind practices and herbal medicines. In some cases, using the Chinese methods of healing is suffice for full recovery of certain medical situations. However, it’s important to note that Chinese medicine shouldn’t be used as an alternative in many cases. It can be used along with certain standardized treatments under the doctor’s care, but not as a replacement. Many illnesses/diseases must have appropriate care, treatment, and prescriptions according to the doctor’s orders. Additionally, if the person does not following the doctor’s order, the person’s health can be severely deteriorated even to the point of fatality.

Chinese Medicine Methods

Chinese medicine methods include various methods. Practitioners of this medicine use various body and mind practices and herbal medicines. Some various body and mind practices are called tai chi, acupuncture, and qi gong. Acupuncture stimulates specific body points mainly by penetrating the skin with solid, thin, metal needles. With tai chi, gentle dance like movements are used with relaxation, breathing, and mental focus. Qi Gong uses breathing control and physical exercises.

In addition to using different plants, herbs, etc. for herbal medicine, the following are different alternative medicine:

•Holistic- treatment of the total person, with the belief that one area of illness can affect other areas.

•Natural Healing- uses an array of various healing techniques that are rooted in paranormal and supernatural methods.

Naturopathy– uses an array of natural methods, which include acupuncture, homeopathy, herbalism, lifestyle counseling, and diet.

•Energy Healing- the belief of channeling energy into someone to regain balance and healing mechanism.

Great Examples of Practitioners of Chinese Medicine

With all the popularity of Chinese medicine, there are Chinese medicine practitioners all over. And whether or not traditional Chinese medicine can be used as an alternative, or as a complement to Western medicine, it’s best to find some practitioners who have proven to be superb in this practice. Many of these practitioners believe in holistic healing, and thus, uses different techniques in Chinese medicine.

The Center Integrative Medicine is located at the School of Medicine at the University of Maryland. This medical facility uses both science and art. They think that both perspectives are right, and thus, they are well known for using tai chi among other practices. When it comes to acupuncture Miami, there are a plethora of practitioners that use herbals, alternative medicine, and body and mind techniques.

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