Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The Chinese traditional medicine has a unique and interesting history. The many Chinese herbal remedies have been around for a long time. China was one of the first countries that created a medical culture. The Chinese medical methods are different compared to the Western medicine. The Chinese medicine has an approximate of 5000 years of history. This long and unique history has ensured that a wide range of knowledge has been formed and gained in this medical culture. The gains include:

  • Diagnostic methods
  • Prescription and cures
  • Science
  • Theory

The Yin and Yang Balance

The methods that are involved in the traditional Chinese medicine is the yin and yang psychology. The yin represents the internal negative beliefs or principles. The yang holds the ideas and notions of the outer positive principles. The belief is that the cause of sickness is due to a loss of harmony and balance among these two. It is believed that recovery will result when the yang functions as a protective mechanism from any outer harm. The yin is the internal base that will provide the needed energy for its counterpart. The idea behind this philosophy is that there needs to be balance and harmony amongst the yin and yang. The physicians of the TCM, which is short for traditional Chinese medicine hold the belief that there are important energy particles and energy that work together and make up and form the human body. These are the basis for the process of the internal organs. The state of the body fluid and the blood are vital substances that work together in the formation of the human body.

Diagnosis and TCM

the traditional Chinese medicine incorporates four important methods in their diagnosis process. The TCM doctors have the ability to cure their patients through their physical examinations. The four methods that they use in their diagnosis process include:

  • Observation
  • Olfaction
  • Interrogation
  • Pulse taking and palpation

When a doctor of TCM is going to treat a disease, they will determine their patient’s condition by using one or all of these four methods. The information that they obtain will then be collected facts that will allow the physician to analyze and determine the source of the illness or disease. These doctors who practice traditional Chinese medicine have made the discovery that there are numerous herbs that offer superior medicines for treatments to illnesses. They have a very distinct method in preparing the herbs for medicine. Acupuncture and massage are incorporated.

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