Wednesday, September 23, 2020

For many on the path to wellness, Chinese medicine is often associated with various herbal remedies and even acupuncture. In all actuality, Chinese medicine is a focus of wellness centered around the balance of the health of the mind, body, and spirit. Part of these three is the energy of our bodies, our life force. This is known as qi, or chi. Chinese medicine, as it stands, in categorized as an “alternative” medicine, as it does not fit the conventional Western medicine standards. Alternative medicine recognizes the benefits of milk thistle – though Western medicine does as well – neurofeedback and anxiety are often studied, and the benefits of medical ozone therapy are endless. Alternative medicine is being recognized as a preferred method of attaining health, rather than Western medicine.

Chinese Medicine Leads the Way

Though Chinese medicine, as many forms of alternative medicine, lacks in scientific proof, there is more than enough evidence to prove its ability to heal patients. Milk thistle is an herbal remedy of alternative medicine, and with enough testing, was found as an invaluable cure for liver ailments by none other than the conventional Western medicine. That’s right – even western medicine swears by this alternative remedy, and recognizes it as the only liver treatment for many liver conditions. Chinese medicine, in, the same way, benefits our health and well being. Whether or not it has yet been recognized by science.

Many Chinese remedies that have been proven beneficial:

  • Acupuncture
  • Cupping Therapy
  • Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Tradition

Chinese tradition recognizes the balance between many aspects of our existence. Our physical, spiritual, and mental health – including our life force. The prospect of balance between all things in life is believed. Hot and cold, day and night, up and down, bitter and sweet… This balance is known as yin and yang. Chinese medicine goes further into describing the balance between the elemental properties each of us possess. It can be complicated to understand, but the Chinese are absolutely right about their theory of balance with the mind, body, and spirit. Chinese medicine is not just focused on healing the body, which is why it is unlike any other kind of medicine in the way it can heal a patient.

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