Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Chinese medicine refers to the medicines that have their origin being china. These medicines are commonly based on the idea that a given energy is the flowing form. The energy flows along channels called meridians. Chinese medicines are designed to cure from the perspective that disease occurs when the energy is blocked from flowing along the meridians. When the imbalance occurs in the bodies of individuals is when the illness sets in, so the chines medicines work to bring back the balance into the bodies of individuals. The imbalance of the energy in human bodies is caused by three factors which are external, internal and lifestyle factors. External factors include phenomena like wind, water, environmental temperature and physical injury. Internal factors include human emotions and feelings and lastly lifestyle influences to the flow of qi are the dietary habits of humans.

Uses of chines medicines

Chinese medicines are used in bringing back the flow of energy (qi) along the meridians. Diseases such as cancer, asthma, diabetes and allergies are treated by Chinese medicines. Chinese medicines treat diseases in the following ways:
• By arming the body with supplements that restore plasma rich platelet in the body which is to function as a protection against incoming factors that seek to weaken the functioning of the body.
• By using pressure from the fingers and hands in therapy form to put some pressure on the body meridians. This is a physical way to restore the flow of energy.
• Chinese herbal products which comprises of mixtures of plant extract powders and liquids. These products are taken directly to restore the energy flow in the body.
• Chines medicines used movements to cure illnesses as seen in Yoga and meditations.

Side effects of Chinese medicines

There have been claims about the possibility of Chinese medicines having negative effects to the body. Myers cocktail side effects have been cited amongst those who used the product for quite a long time. This is not yet proven scientifically but the rumor might also be true. Other side effects observed amongst Chinese medicines have been chelation side effects. The two are the most spoken about regarding the side effects of these products. There are some forms of treatment or chines medicines such as Yoga and meditation that are purely therapeutically and free from any side effects. Chinese medicines generally are natural remedies to illnesses and the confirmed side effects are still few.

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