Sunday, September 20, 2020

In modern-day Western medicine, we are programmed to think of medicine as a means of handling disease and minor illnesses, whereas in Chinese medicine, the primary focus is about obtaining good health and serenity via the harmony we create in our of lives.

Traditional Chinese medicine consists of a wide range of medicinal practices that share basic concepts. These concepts are based on ancient Chinese traditions that were developed more than 2,000 ago and include:

  • Traditional Chinese medicine herbs
  • Exercise.
  • Massage.

One of the basic concepts of Chinese medicine is that the body’s energy flow through channels, which are called meridians. These branches have connection to our internal organs. The view of the body in Chinese medicine does not put a lot of emphasis on the actual anatomical structures of our bodies, but more on the function of these structures. It is believed that if there is a disharmony of the functions, this is the cause of diseases. The diagnosis in Chinese medicine focuses on finding the direct cause of symptoms through inspection of the tongue, eyes, skin, pulse and respiratory status. Additionally, analysis of the patient’s dietary choices and sleeping patterns. All of these factors combined give clues to an underlying medical problem.

TCM, or traditional Chinese medicine uses herbs for the prevention of certain diseases and the treatment of illness. Common uses are:

Herbals powders that are mixed with hot water.
Syrups are also used for soothing a sore throat or helping to calm a cough.
Salves, plasters and liniments are all used for external issues in TCM.

To define traditional Chinese medicine, it is simply a unique way of not only seeing ourselves and the world, but realizing that everything is intertwined. This unique perspective is applied to all facets of life and how it affects us internally; our diet, exercise and the way we deal with stressful situations. Everything that happens to us and around us is taken into perspective. The combination of medical advances in the Western World and spiritual beliefs in ancient Chinese practices is the perfect blend.

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