Friday, September 18, 2020

Chinese herbal medicines are not used to treat specific symptoms or disease. Instead, they are meant to restore balance to the body as a whole. These medications are taken in many forms, including pills, powders, and teas. In various researches done Chinese herbal remedies have been proven to treat different conditions that can’t otherwise be cured using conventional medicine such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. It incorporates holistic healing an approach that looks at all the factors that affect an individual directly and indirectly. It involves taking a holistic approach towards health that involves the body system undergoing an examination of body, mind and emotions. With the results derived from the exam, the practitioners can identify the causes and the effects of the illness, hence using holistic treatments that aimed at improving the health of a patient.


Technique used in traditional Chinese medicine that stimulates various points around the body using thin needles. Every point on the body corresponds to a particular condition. The aim of acupuncture is to create a balance in the body so as to ensure optimal health. Most people feel energized while others feel relaxed from the treatment. Research supports the use of Acupuncture and various organizations such as World Health Organization recognizes it as a safe way to treat illnesses, even those that have no cure such as Cancer. Acupuncture Miami uses traditional Chinese acupuncture which has proven to be very effective in dealing with various health issues such as:

• Neurological and muscular disorders e.g. back pain.
• Emotional imbalances such as stress, depression.
• Stress in the immune system.
• Complaints of the digestive tract.
• Restoring hormonal imbalances.


Center integrative medicine mostly found in the western countries; it focuses on treating the whole person inclusive of all aspects of lifestyle for a long time health insurance. They work to find why a disease has occurred and not its symptoms. They integrate conventional and alternative medicine such as massage therapy, Acupuncture, physical therapy to ensure the optimum plan of treatment. Principles that define integrative medicine include: the supportive therapeutic relationship between the practitioner and patient, health does not mean the absence of disease, all factors that influence health should be taken into considerations, and appropriate conventional and alternative methods should be used for healing.

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