Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Chelation injection is among the intravenous therapy available in various medical centers. Various medical practitioners have been using chelation therapy to treat various health conditions especially age-related conditions like peripheral vascular condition. It is categorized in IV therapy group because it is performed via IV. Doctors have been using vitamin c injection to treat age-related conditions until latter when they realize that vitamin c high dose has serious side effects than those of chelation therapy. Chelation therapy works great in elimination of toxin heavy metals like copper, lead and iron from human bodies. With the current growth in use of chemicals especially in agriculture sector, human being consume numerous of these dangerous heavy metals, which are very dangerous to our health.


According to various medical researchers like those at Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), chelation therapy is the best in treatment and elimination of heavy metals in human bodies. To perform this role, chelation therapy is performed using formulated chelating agent like Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetate. The agent combines with the toxic heavy metals in the body after which it comes out of the body as a mixture. According to various health tests on presence of heavy metal, about 90 percent of the tested people contain high amount of toxic heavy metals in their system.
Other importance of chelation therapy:
• It is used to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease
• Chelation therapy gives positive results when used in treatment of coronary heart diseases
• It also helps in prevention and treatment of peripheral vascular condition


In most cases, it takes almost 3 hours to complete a single dose of chelation appointment. The whole treatment can take 7 to 30 appointments for positive results to be realized. After chelation therapy, one can resume to his/her work without hesitation because it does not have downtime. Unlike other types of therapies like stem cell therapies and pemf treatments, chelation therapy has less or almost no side effects if it is performed by the trained professional practitioner using the modern and recommended equipment. In most cases, patients complain of small pains along the injection point, which is normal even in other forms of treatments. For the therapy to perform well, one is supplied with enough supplements and vitamins. Make an appointment of going for chelation therapy from a qualified practitioner and you will enjoy it.

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