Sunday, September 27, 2020

Chelation is a medical procedure that is used for some very defined medical treatments. The chelation treatment is conducted and administered with the utmost care. This is done with caution and with medical supervision. There are risks involved. This is considered to be a form of alternative treatment or procedure. These treatments are used to remove heavy metals from blood. This would include mercury. This is essentially intravenous injections. The EDTA is injected into veins in the body and it will ‘grab’ any heavy metals, minerals, mercury, copper, arsenic, aluminum, calcium, and it will then remove it from the body. This is used for heavy metal poisoning treatment. The over-the-counter chelation items and products have not been approved in the United States for the use of sale.

The Possible Side Effects

It ought to be known that chelation side effects may prove to be hazardous to your health. Chelation is an alternative medicine that needs to be administered with caution. There may be numerous side effects. This would include death. There are circumstances in which this would not be used in conventional medicine. Chelation therapy has the support from several health organizations for the purpose of treating heavy metal poisoning. This is the only purpose that is supported. There are some safety concerns and side affects that should be known. When this is used for the treatment of metal toxicity, There are several side effects that ought to be watched for. These include: These include:

  • low blood calcium
  • allergic reactions
  • dehydration
  • possible kidney damage
  • allergic reactions
  • dietary elements lowered

Informed treatment

Every individual should be fully informed of all the possible effects of chelation. This has been known to be used for the treatment of coronary artery bypass surgery. This may be used to treat hardening of the arteries. This is an item that may offer many uses for alternative treatment. It is somewhat controversial. Every person will be wise if they are fully informed of all the advantages and possible disadvantages of this treatment.

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