Sunday, September 20, 2020

There are different diseases that affect the normal function of the body system. These diseases may be treated either through seeking medical attention or physical exercise. The human body is made up of different components that work together to enable normal and healthy human beings. As such, there are different medication processes that people undertake to rectify different body conditions. Chelation therapy is a treatment method used by medical experts to remove excess metals from the body system. These metals include excess mercury, uranium, platinum and lead. When they are left in the body for longer period of time may lead to increased health conditions. Though this process is mostly used, it has some side effects which include dehydration, low blood calcium and harm to the kidney. These are major side effects that if not well managed, may cause death. Dehydration mostly occurs when the therapy is used in excess and most of the human body water is lost during the treatment process.

Maintaining healthy body system

There are friendly ways of dealing with other adverse medical conditions. Other chronic diseases have proven very difficult to cure in the natural setting of a hospital. These have subsequently led to the demise of many people due to lack of appropriate treatment. Such diseases can be cured if the body has all the required body nutrients and components. High dose vitamin c therapy is a very important integral part in the treatment of various body diseases. This kind of therapy has been used to treat different types of diseases through injecting the nutrient in the body. Diseases cured through this method include;
• Cancer
• Polio
• Common cold
• Body burn
• Scurvy
When a person is involved in any kind of injury, he is bound to develop broken bones and fractured ligaments. There are various ways of fixing and facilitating the healing process of broken limbs and fractured ligaments. Stem cells knee is a medial process that facilitates the healing and joining together of different knee cartilages that have been injured. It also facilitates muscle formation.

Alternative ways of improving human health

There are different way and mechanisms that have been developed to help in treatment of different diseases. Pemf treatment is used in treatment of non-union fractures through the use of electromagnetic fields. This process has been widely used for a long time and has resulted in many people developing interest in using the method. It is also used to heal depression. Many patients suffering from depression have widely benefited from this process of healing. This method uses transcranial magnetic stimulation to stimulate the brain cells that are not responding to antidepressants. After stimulation of the brain cells, the human brain becomes active thus leading to the cure of any kind of depression.

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