Sunday, September 20, 2020

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Chelation therapy is fast becoming an acceptable practice among the traditional medical community, as testified by the popular Mayo Clinic web site. Chelation therapy is used in conjunction if you have heart disease or stroke. Chelation is known for binding to plaque in the arteries and removing them from the bloodstream. This process helps you to avoid a heart attack or stroke. Chelation therapy is known for removing heavy metals such as lead or mercury from the body. This therapy is likewise successful in treating patients for mushroom poisoning. The body takes in heavy toxins from the air breathed and the foods eaten, everyone could benefit from Chelation therapy. This therapy offers little in the way of side effects, considering that modern medicine offers many more side effects. Some case studies say that a rare side of effect of this therapy is death or stroke.

Alternative Therapies Increase Health

The following Alternative therapies are found helpful in restoring health and wellness to the human body.

PRP Therapy: (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy) is the process by which blood is drawn from your body and anticoagulated. Once the blood undergoes centrifugation it is prepared for the administration back into your body. The platelets are five to ten times more powerful in your torso, adding amazing healing properties to various injuries and maladies.
Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage: If you are feeling tired and have low energy levels, illness has set in, if you are an active athlete, just had surgery, been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, received sports injury, and more
IV Rehydration: This is the process by which fluids are introduced into the body via IV due to signs and symptoms of dehydration. This process rehydrates the body. When fluids are lost from the body, it is important to also check all electrolytes as the doctor may add these to a simple Sodium Chloride solution in the IV. Rehydration restores the fluid balance in the body of children and adults.

West versus East in Treatments and Medications

Alternative therapies and natural medications are growing in popularity and becoming more widely accepted within the Traditional medicine or Western medicine community. As people rely more on Holistic treatments, herbs and home remedies, this acceptance come from proven track records of helping people to regain health and wellness, taking the natural route towards healing of the human body versus the more invasive route of medication and treatment. These Alternative treatment options offer little in the way of side effects, unlike Western medicine and the benefits are overwhelmingly positive. Traditional medicine seems to need proof and the proof of the effectiveness of Alternative medicines in finally gaining a foothold in the community. Alternative therapies such as PRP, Chelation, Lymphatic Therapy, and Rehydration are fast becoming the norm and more acceptable treatment option for many people. When Western medicine fails your attempts to recover your health, turn to Alternative therapy options.

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