Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Of all intravenous therapies in Miami, chelation is one of them that have been performed with great success. Before going for chelation therapy, it is advisable to have the full knowledge of the type of service offered at the intended medical center. Make sure that the doctor is licensed and is well-equipped with modern tools and equipments. Make an appointment of visiting Miami for the best and quality chelation therapy that leave you satisfied. At Miami, we are well-licensed and our doctors are well-trained in medical sector at various international Universities. Furthermore, we are well-equipped with modern equipments that are credited for use in medical centers. We offer personalize services thus giving each patient full attention that are beyond customers expectations. Before taking chelation therapy, our doctors take a full review of our patients’ medication history. After this, we undertake several heath tests to our patients.


Chelation has been in use in treatment of peripheral vascular disease and other age-related diseases. Also, chelation therapy works great in removing toxic heavy metals like lead, calcium and iron from the body. Chelation therapy has the same effects as high dose vitamin c ivs in making the arteries to remain open thus increasing blood flow and metabolic processes. For years, doctors have been using chelation therapy to treat various types of cancers instead of glutathione therapy. According to various researches at Miami, glutathione therapy should not be replaced with chelation therapy in treatment of cancers because glutathione benefits out-weigh those of chelation therapy. Also, chelation therapy works in the same manner as platelet rich plasma prp to heal soft tissues.
Other roles of chelation injection:
• Treatment of cardiovascular disease
• Treatment of coronary heart disease
• Treatment of bone density, chronic fatigue and allergies


As compared to other types of therapy, there are less chelation side effects when performed by trained practitioner using the right procedure and equipments. At Miami, most patients complain of slight sting after injection. Unlike other therapies performed at Miami, when administered in the right way, patient can resume to their activities. Even though cases of headache, fever, nausea, kidney failure and vomiting have been rarely reported, they can be avoided by going to an experienced medical practitioner. For positive result and quality personalized services, you can visit our qualified and licensed practitioner at Miami for chelation therapy.

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