Thursday, October 1, 2020

With the advancement of years, diseases have sprouted and with every sprout, a therapy would equally germinate to take care of it. This has led to a lot of therapies coming up the word over and some of them would seem quite strange to us. This article is here to expose you to one of the common therapies among them being chelation therapy. Chelation therapy is a therapy that is used to deal with heavy metals that would get their way into our systems. Along our mazes of life, there is always a chance that heavy metals would enter into our circulatory system especially when we work in areas like factories. When such a condition happens to one, the physician would recommend n that they go through chelation therapy for the removal of these metals because they could pose health problems.

Some other therapies involved

There are several other therapies that have been invented with the coming out of various diseases. Among the most used therapies involves platelet rich plasma injection therapy. This is a therapy that is very common in sports. It is based on the belief that increasing plasma in the area of injury would reduce the pain and make it heal faster. Blood is drawn from the patient’s system and then passed through centrifugation to enrich it with platelet before being injected back to the injured area directly. The following is a sketch of the process involved:

  • Drawing of blood
  • Centrifugation
  • Injecting them back to the injury

Chelation treatments as well are other therapies that are quite common. It involves the removal of heavy metals that would get into the system of an individual and pose health problems. These metals would seek to block the arteries and interfering with circulation. Myers cocktail infusion on the other hand is a therapy that is used to eliminate issue of food related health problems.


The one factor that has always been considered whenever we opt for the idea of being subjected to any type of these therapies is the issue of their quality. Quality would be on the side of both the physician handling a patient and the process itself. The reason why this is given a heavier insight is due to the reality that most of these therapies come with very hazardous side effects. Avoid the side effects and ensure that no one experiments on your health.

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