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Chelation therapy is usually determined after having blood drawn. The lab work will determine if the blood is toxic or lacking in nutrients. Your lab results will be analyzed by a professional. Once it is determined that you have a medical condition such as metal poisoning, low or high nutrient levels or other conditions then chelation may be ordered. The chelation center or the doctor will explain the reason, the procedures and the duration of the therapy to be followed. Each patient may have a different length of time for the treatment to take effect. That depends on the cause and what the chelation therapy is being used for.

Types of Chelation

The types of Chelation are IV and oral. IV therapy works much faster to distribute the therapy into your system to be absorbed quickly. Oral medication will take much longer to be beneficial. They can treat patients with stem cell injections for arthritis successfully. One of the nutrient treatments is done with IV vitamin C therapyGlutathione IV therapy is a chelation that is valuable for neurological diseases. The chelation therapy process will be scheduled that will work best for you and your overall health condition. Here are just a few disorders that chelation therapy is administered and used for.

  • Metal poisoning
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Stroke
  • Nutrient levels

Deciding On Chelation

Deciding on chelation is of course up to an individual. The procedure is simple and very beneficial by going directly in the bloodstream. Metal poisoning can really make a person very ill if not treated to remove it through chelation. Nutrient levels can cause people to be tired and inactive. Neurological disease can be helped greatly. Chelation is available for those who feel that they are going to benefit by feeling better. IV chelation therapy is used greatly to medically treat metal removal such as arsenic, mercury and lead. Chelation is a simple and a very minimal invasion of the body. This has helped many patients to live a normal life, feel better and function better. The chelation center will cater to your needs and make sure that you are treated professionally. The benefits are worth the time one can take to a better life and health condition. Chelation therapy can change lives dramatically.

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