Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Several therapies have sprouted into existence with the passage of time. What happens is that there are development of new conditions that affects our health and professionals are also seeking to enhance on the already existent therapies to accommodate new conditions and to remedy situations that would cling even after subjection to one form of therapy. Chelation therapy is one such upcoming and in this sense it looks to remove heavy metals that would find their way into the system of an individual. They use chelation chemicals to reduce the hazardous effect of these chemicals. However it also comes with specific side effect especially when wrongly administered.

What are the related therapies?

The most common therapy that is related to chelation therapy involves prp injection therapy. This kind of therapy is subjected to patients especially sports men and women who get injured in the course of play. What happens in this case is that blood is drawn from the system of an individual and through method called centrifugation, enriched with platelets. The sample is then injected back into the injured area of the patient. The following is the procedure encompassed through this form of therapy:

  • Blood is drawn from the patient
  • Through centrifugation its enriched with platelets
  • The sample is injected into the injury

Glutathione therapy and IV chelation therapy are also encompassed here. Glutathione in the first case is used to make one’s skin deem a bit lighter than they actually are. They are skin lightening chemicals that are used by people who feel the need to. The later on the other hand is used to remove heavy metals like mercury that would find their way into the system of a patient eventually. Some metals are very dangerous when they find their way into our blood system. What happens therefore is that one way or the other, they ought to be removed and the best way to go about it is by using chelation chemicals.


All these therapies should be noted are very perfect when they are used to remedy a specific situation. The problem has however been the issue of quality. What is the quality often professional that you have engaged in this task? The reason why quality is emphasized is due to the fact that most of these therapies comes with varying scales of side effects. The fact that these side effects are predisposed by poor handling by the physician makes it necessary for one for quality to be attached.

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