Monday, January 27, 2020

The use of chelation therapy is old as ancient Chinese herbal remedies. The first chemist to use chelation therapy was Ferdinand Munz in Germany back in 1930. Ferdinand was working on ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA). He was using EDTA to come up with another water softener to replace citric acid. Also, there was a great discovery and application of chelation therapy during the World War II at Oxford University. Then, they were trying to come up with an antidote, which is a chemical weapon to the lewisite. After the World War II, chelation therapy was used to treat U.S workers who were using lead-based paints to paint U.S naval vessels. The first chelation therapy findings were published in the American Journal of Medical Science in 1956. According to Norman Clerk, “EDTA could dissolve disease-causing plaques in the coronary systems of human beings.” Currently, chelation therapy has spread around the world.


From 1955, chelation therapy had become popular among various doctors, and it had given positive results in treatment of various health problems. Various doctors especially in Miami have successfully used chelation therapy to reduce cardiovascular events among treated patients. Like various acupuncture Miami, chelation therapy reduces cardiovascular events up to 38 percent in diabetes patients. It also reduces death risk up to 40 percent in patients of heart disease. According to various medical researches at integrative medicine center, chelation therapy is safe in removing toxic metals from the body.
Other benefits of chelation therapy:
• Treatment of allergies, bone density, cramping and chronic fatigue
• Treatment of high blood pressure, mental clarity and memory
• Improving blood circulation, peripheral blood flow and pulmonary function


Of all therapies performed at various medical centers, chelation therapy has minimal side effects especially when the right procedure is followed. It is normal for the patients to experience little pains at the injection point. Also, patients are likely to lose vitamin during chelation treatment. This can be prevented by taking vitamin supplement before treatment. There are also minimal cases of kidney failure after chelation treatment. Also, cases of fever, headache, drop in blood-calcium, nausea, low production of blood cells, drop in blood pressure and vomiting has been reported from various medical centers. To avoid these chelation side effects, it is advisable to go for well-trained doctors to perform the whole process.

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