Thursday, October 22, 2020

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Cell therapy is a method of treatment done by implanting cells into a diseased area of the human body in order to cure those cells. It is a complicated treatment that requires specific types of cells in order to work as planned. At the Miami Medical Center there are specialized doctors that deal with this kind of treatment on a daily basis and are experts on this subject. Cell therapy Miami will eliminate the disease in the body and keep the pain to an absolute minimal until the patient is 100% again. Although it may seem complicated it is actually one of the simpler treatments done by Miami doctors and here is the full logical explanation.

The easiest and most basic type of cell therapy is autologous cell therapy. In this type the doctors will take cells from the patients own body and transplant them into the diseased area. Once these healthy cells are inside they will find their way to the diseased area and stimulate the bodiesimmune response system in order to repair it. However, these cells ultimately find their way back to the part of the body where they are from making the job more difficult. It may not always work as planned and that is why there is another method of cell therapy called allogeneic cell therapy.

Allogeneic cell therapy does not involve the transplant of the patients own cells but instead those from other humans or animals that have been cryogenically frozen to keep them stored and alive. They select only a few people and a few animals to take cells from and then they discover their immunology. After this is done they can replicate the cells in a lab in order to make a huge amount of them available for people that want to use cell therapy. They freeze these cells till later use. When a patient with the right immunology comes in they can treat their disease with these cells.

Cell therapy is an alternative treatment for many different types of diseases that can even be fatal. Cancer, heart disease, arthritis, down syndrome, and Parkinson’s disease are some of the diseases that doctors have tried to use cell therapy for. It has not been proven to cure these diseases but scientists are still trying to figure out ways to discover the potential of cell therapy. However, it should be noted that this kind of treatment can itself be fatal, especially when dealing with a fatal disease such as cancer. Miami doctors are amazingly talented but these cell therapy treatments can be difficult to try and pull off.

Cell therapy is still in its developmental stages but it looks like a promising treatment in the future. By harnessing the power of the patient’s own healing powers with the immune system they may be able to beat out any type of disease. The Miami Medical Center has the best tools in order to do this for their patients and if they believe that cell therapy will work to cure a life changing disease then it just may.

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