Thursday, October 1, 2020

Cancer treatment centers across the world have begun including alternative cancer treatment options for patients hoping for a cure. Science has proven that therapies such as teaching focused imagery to cancer patients can actually empower them to keep fighting and to use their minds in strengthening themselves against cancer. By giving natural cancer fighting options along side chemotherapy and prescription drugs, some say a placebo effect occurs. Though the treatments do little to help the patient, they believe they can, so they do.

Ineffective Options

Money hungry alternative care centers are charging patients thousands of dollars for remedies that cost pennies. Knowing their desperation to get better, they convince them to try supplements such as gh3 Gerovital, and hydrogen peroxide injections. Neither have any scientific backing to them that they can cure cancer. Hydrogen peroxide was previously injected in patients with pneumonia before the discovery of antibiotics because it can kill germs and bacteria on contact. Hydrogen peroxide therapy side effects can include death and pain at the injection site if the patient isn’t monitored properly during treatment. Anyone considering this option should be sure to find a licensed professional to do it instead of attempting the method at home. Gerovital is actually Novocain that dentists use to numb patients gum area before doing any dental work. The side effects from Gerovital include:

  • Systemic lupus
  • Severe Migraines
  • Heartburn

An Alternative That Works

Milk thistle extract benefits have been known for years. This herbal remedy can stop cancer cells from spreading as quickly and give the patient more time. It has been used to treat liver cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer, and even prostate cancer. Some say it can be taken as a cancer preventative. Its health benefits are remarkable. Milk thistle cleanses the blood, detoxifies the liver, regenerates liver cells, lowers bad cholesterol, and much more. It is considered a safer option than many risky procedures. Its detoxifying effects can cause an initial Herxheimer’s reaction, so anyone taking it should be sure to start out with a very low dose and gradually increase to the amount their doctor recommends.

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