Saturday, September 26, 2020

Chemotherapy is a heart-wrenching tool to have to use on a loved one who is sick. When chemotherapy is taken into consideration your loved one may feel healed quickly. Chemotherapy can be used on patients who may have breast cancer or anything else in between. Chemotherapy and ozone therapy are a little alike.

Chemotherapy when taken in low doses offers a way to kill the particular cells actually needed to help destroy cancer. According to Dr. Susan Love, metronomic dozing kills the endothelial cells rather than the tumor cells. In this way ozone therapy and chemotherapy are alike. Ozone therapy is the vital part in the healing.


According to, ozone therapy benefits include

  • Treats Chronic Fatigue
  • Aids Detoxification
  • Increases Blood Circulation

If a treatment has so many different benefits why not take advantage of it? Therapies like ozone therapy and lipid therapy also help curing pemf treatment. This treatment can help those moments where a patient can feel low and depressed from cancer to a level-headed state without many negative side-effects to where they only need to go to the doctor ever so often.

Choose Wisely

It is sometimes a case of having to decide what is best for your loved one if they were to become sick. Low doses of chemotherapy provide the best quality treatment for patients with cancer aiming at the right cells to kill and giving the right amount of medicine.

Low dose chemotherapy gives your loved one healing without it being to much on the body for there to be a positive affect. Noone wants to take on a therapy that id just going to make them feel worse. Taking therapy in low doses will give the opposite touch of that.

The Best Feeling

Low dose chemotherapy gives you the best healing ever! Cancer takes a lot to heal but at the same time may not heal fully. Even so, the patient going underneath these therapies like ozone therapy can know that they will feel better taking advantage of these healing opportunities.

Be prepared to take advantage of these different therapies to make sure it does not get out of hand. Certainly research must be done to ground the observations of these therapies but According to Dr.Susan Love and, outstanding results from ozone therapies are worth the investment.

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