Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Anyone finding themselves in need of chemotherapy treatment should search out low dose chemo information. This form of therapy is also termed, metronomic dosing. This therapy directly targets endothelial cells in the body. These are located in the path of blood and lymph vessels. Rather than killing healthy cells throughout the body low dose chemo stops cells from feeding cancer. Conventional chemo treatments attacks bone marrow cells, hair and interferes with the body’s ability to fight infection. Conventional chemotherapy also weakens a person’s ability to function for a period. The drug is the same but the administration of the drug is different. Low dose chemo, unlike regular chemotherapy is not administered in episodes; it is given in a different way. Preventing the rejuvenation process of cancer slows it down or destroys it. Some cancers spread quickly. If the source of production is weakened, doctors may be able to stop its growth.

Targeting Cancer

Insulin Potentiated Therapy is another form of low dose chemo but uses insulin-filled chemotherapy to feed cancer cells. Sugar is a food for cancer but this therapy uses cancer’s glut for sugar to destroy it. The amount of chemotherapy drugs are cut to a fraction and cancer is more directly targeted. The mere knowledge of having cancer is devastating but with new ways of administering medications the chances of fighting the disease is better than ever. Discussing medication and diet with oncologist offers people the opportunity to recover from this devastating illness. Low dose chemo or metronomic is designed to halt the angiogenesis of tumors. Cells can spread cancer if the become resistant. Low dose chemo targets the cells that pose a lesser threat towards spreading the disease.

  • Blocks angiogenesis
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Hope for inoperable cancer

Hope for Inoperable Cancer:

This treatment offers patients with inoperable cancers a chance to survive. The direct low dose chemotherapy treatment of endothelial cells stops the ability of cancer to travel to other parts of the body. This is a better chance for destroying a tumor. Oncologists are willing to discuss this line of treatment with patients. Cancer cells are difficult to destroy. The earlier discovered the greater the chance a less invasive process has to destroy the disease. Low dose chemo information is incomplete, but it holds great possibilities. Informed patients are able to make decisions about cancer treatments they find more tolerant. Conventional chemotherapy is not an easy treatment but a new way of administering it may improve tolerance.

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