Tuesday, September 22, 2020

There are innovative technologies that are disrupting cancer treatment. One of these new forms of cancer treatment is insulin potentiated therapy, and this treatment is exhibiting great success in treatment outcomes. A new integrative approach to treating cancer involves a low dose of chemotherapy and insulin.

Traditional cancer treatment includes any one of three treatments or all three treatment. The treatment are surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. These treatment are toxic to the body and can negatively affect the immune system and vital organs in the body. The negative effects of the toxic treatment are seen in patients experiencing a drain and depletion of their very life essence. The real devastation of these treatment is that they may not be as effective as possible. In terms of treatment, ipt therapy is more effective.

Cancer and Glucose

  • Cancer cells can be understood in terms of cancer cells feeding entirely on sugar and glutamine. Glutamine is an amino acid in animal proteins, and it is highly concentrated. Since cancer cells demand so much glucose, cancer cells suck the glucose from the body. In effect, cancer cells starve the normal body’s cells. Since cancer cells are not effective or efficient at burning fuel, cancer cells require a great deal of glucose.
  • Cancer cell have 10-16 times as many insulin receptors as a normal health body cell. Insulin aids the glucose entering through the cell membrane of a cancer cell. Insulin feeds the cancer cell and promotes further growth of cancer cells.
  • PET scans demonstrate the connection between cancer and sugar. By injecting a radioactive agent attached to a glucose molecule into a vein, it is possible to see glucose being absorbed by the cancer cell much faster than by the healthy normal cell.

Treatment and Glucose

Using the data and information about glucose and cancer cells, an innovative treatment has been developed. The treatment is to include insulin along with chemotherapy. By combining chemotherapy and glucose, the chemotherapy is pulled into each cancer cell joining with the glucose. Cancer treatment using chemotherapy and glucose requires a reduced dose of chemotherapy. Cancer cells are attacked and die from the effect of the chemotherapy entering the cancer cell.

Without the glucose, cancer cells have protections that obstruct the chemotherapy entering the cancer cell. The traditional solution to cancer cells developing an ability to screen out chemotherapy is to increase the chemotherapy. This means that the patient is suffering more severe side effects of the chemotherapy, and the patient is receiving less benefit from the treatment.

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